Oil and Gas Production and Exploration

Ceja Corporation

Mission Statement

Ceja Corporation's mission is to find and extract hydrocarbons in projects and regions in North America that permit "accomplishment superior to the competition." (Charles W. Oliphant, 1979) We accomplish this by applying proven and appropriate technology to explore and increase our reserves in both new and existing properties. We accomplish this by assembling a team of highly trained and motivated petroleum industry professionals supported by an effective and efficient organization.


Ceja Corporation will:

  • Accumulate and manage wealth for our stakeholders by pooling expertise, effort and financial resources.
  • Maintain a diversity of oil and gas production and exploration projects both in subject and in time of completion. (CWO '79)


Ceja Corporation will:

  • Act with integrity, the highest ethical standards, trust and conscience.
  • Create and maintain a reputation of excellence, permanence and stability.
  • Support the well-being of its shareholders, employees and family members.
  • Foster an atmosphere of respect, loyalty, fairness, vigor and self-worth. Encourage competitive initiative and self-direction.
  • Be an active good citizen in the communities in which we live and work by encouraging employees and clients to support these communities with their leadership and efforts.
  • Act on opportunities that match Ceja's expertise and resources while managing the risks inherent in the petroleum industry.


Ceja Corporation will:

  • Manage, replace and grow the petroleum investments of clients.
  • Manage risk inherent to Oil and Gas investing and attempt to provide stable cash flow to stakeholders and operations.
  • Consolidate expenses for itself and its clients in those areas where economies of scale or combined "strength in numbers" equate to efficiency and reduced cost.
  • Allocate and prorate the expense of operations and services in a fair and transparent manner to itself and it's investor clients.
  • Catalogue and preserve the institutional and individual knowledge, including the data base acquired through its efforts, as a resource for the future.